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The group was founded in january 2019 after Danny Put has been working with his recreational group of Beagle@work, but needed more training time to make sure dogs and handlers with potential are able to progress to higher levels.

In this new group there is a lot more time to train for searching, and a lot of time is spent on obedience as well.

Testings by KKUSH and IRO play an important role to test how much progress our rescue dog teams are making. Apart from that, these certifications also act as an objective means to show what our teams are capable of.

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Are you interested in joining our group? Make sure to come and visit us during a training. We’ll be please to give you some more explanation about our training methods and what we are expecting of you and your dog.

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Stichting Inzetreddingshond Nederland is an organisation that is helping authorities in the Netherlands do find deployable rescue dog teams when there is a need for it.

We hope to be able to collaborate with the Belgian authorities in the future during search and rescue missions. Until then we’ll do our best to play a role within SIN.

Our members make a choice for themselves if they want to train specifically to be deployable by SIN, or for IRO-contests.

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Via the International Search and Rescue Dog Organisation we are able to compete on the highest level during testings, with a goal to be able to be deployable internationally during search and rescue missions.

Testings take place on a regular basis, spread throughout Belgium and abroad. These testings get progressively more difficult when the team level increases.

Our group currently participated in a few IRO-testings with success.

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